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Always. Reliable. Tight.


In addition to gastight and watertight cable and pipe entries, as well as building entries, the Hauff-Technik portfolio also includes other interesting products and supplementary solutions for the construction and industry sectors of the market.

Solutions from Hauff-Technik impress by delivering intelligent technology with maximum flexibility in planning and execution, combining high-quality materials with ease of installation and maximum reliability.

You can choose from the following product range:

  • - HEA earthing connection systems – personal and equipment safety
  • - HSS fire protection kit – gastight and watertight fire barrier
  • - Roof entries – solutions for flat roofs
  • - Foundation pipes – maximum flexibility and easy handling on any construction site

HEA earthing connections are available for delivery as entries or earthing fixed points in various designs to meet prevailing requirements. Both …

Fire protection

The HSS fire barrier impresses by being highly flexible in planning and execution. It is also easy to retrofit and takes minimum effort to install. As …

Roof entries

Sealing cables and lines for solar, HVAC and mobile communications systems pose our customers with major challenges every single time. Hauff-Technik …

Foundation pipes

HFR foundation pipes from Hauff-Technik enable groundwork and mast installation to be carried out independently of one another. The foundation pipe …

Special Solutions
In the sealing of media lines in buildings there is an endless number of applications and requirements. Often we have to take already existing …