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Building entries

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Building entries

Every home needs supply lines for power, gas, water and telecommunications. We offer a variety of system solutions for reliable building connection. Alongside the multiple-service building entry system for media line entry, you will find an extensive range of single building entries here.

Whether or not your building has a basement, there are many options to choose from in the Hauff-Technik product portfolio. Our range covers everything from professional sealing systems for your building entries to dry installation systems, and even includes building entries for trenchless building connection like ZAPPO, our innovative building entry.

Whichever solution you choose, our systems are tested and reliable and they conform to current standards and approvals.

Building Packages

Your local municipal utilities or energy and water supplier is responsible for planning and creating building connections for power, gas and water. We …

Multiple-service building entry systems

MSH PolySafe, MSH Basic and MSH-FW Basic are our universal modular design multiple-service building entry systems for district heating. They bring …

Single building entries - open construction

Single building entries from Hauff-Technik can be relied upon for professional and reliable seals between buildings and supply lines for gas, water, …

Single building entries - trenchless construction

In addition to the standard open construction, in many cases it is possible to create a building connection by pulling through an empty conduit, …